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At Massadr we are adopting state of the art technology and the brightest minds in the human resource industry to elevate the quality of HR services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to new heights. We strive to meet the growing demand for quality professional, skilled, unskilled and domestic manpower in the Saudi labour market.



Massadr is a licensed HR Services provider headquartered in Saudi Arabia’s Eastern Province and established under the laws of the Kingdom’s Ministry of Labour (MOL), to provide professional HR related services to all sectors.


Massadr provides families with domestic staff such as Nannies, Aged Care Attendants, Special Needs Attendants, Housemaids, Housekeeper, Cooks and Drivers, who are all well trained and aware of what is expected of them in Saudi Arabia.



Massadr is considered to be among the few companies that aim to attract & sponsor human cadre.

Talent Resourcing

We ensure our Clients have the talent they need to achieve their goals .

Talent Management

Clients rely on us to manage their workforce to improve performance.

Talent Development

We help our Clients build workforce capabilities needed now & in the future.

  While more than half of Saudi respondents believe that their financial position will improve...

“We have been associated with Massadr for almost a year now for all our recruitment needs. ”

Sabrina Tariq

“It has been without doubt, a remarkable experience being associated with Massadr.”

Len Thomas
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